Friday, May 6, 2011

Trying to save a buck or 2

Have you ever been behind the lady at the grocery store that buys a basket full of groceries and spends less then 10 dollars?  Or how about the little ol lady that buys 50 cans of soup and doesn't pay anything, and then wait.... The grocery store gives HER money back.  Seriously, I really cant make this stuff up!  It happens.

I have been seeing this happen alot more lately and It has gotten me curious.  TLC just started a new Show called extreme couponing.  Lets be honest, those woman strike me more as hoarders then couponers, but the idea is the same thing.  So I had to do some investigating my self!

I found the website The Krazy Coupon Lady, that gives lots of helpful tips and tricks, and honestly what your expectations should be.  From the TV Show Extreme Couponing, someone might think that they can reasonably buy 800 dollars worth of groceries for under 20 dollars twice a month.  Ummm probably not.  But it is reasonable to save 40%- 60% on your grocery bill if you shop smart. 

I have been doing this for a 2 weeks now.  I have invested possibly no more than 6 hours into that, and I have saved over 60 dollars. Lets face it, that 60 dollars can buy me new fabric!!  I haven't bought anything more than I would normally buy, well maybe I have, because using coupons I can afford to buy snacks!

To give you an idea, my grocery store had (Brand Name) Chips on sale for $1.49, I had 2 coupons for $1.50 off, that gave me $.02 that went to my milk that wasn't on sale or cheap!  To be honest, last month I would have bought the chips anyway, now I will download some more coupons and go back and stock up while the sale is on!!

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